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Sunday, February 27, 2011

whole Graine

Migraine that is.  I had such a bad migraine, my head hurt so bad that floors were screaming at me, like for no reason.  I was in so much pain that at one point I swore I could speak and understand Chinese among other tongues.  My regular remedy of Advil, Tylenol and Gravol wasn't helping, so I went to the hospital for the big guns. 

I got a ride to the hospital and was brought to a room pretty quickly, working in an ER sometimes has it's privileges.  The doctor that came in was one of the chic doc's that comes from out of town to work with us.  She can sometimes have a bit of a bitch infection, but who doesn't.  I was totally nice to her because she was the one with the drugs and I wanted the good ones. 

Gerry came in to do my IV he was a pretty good murse, he gave me the drugs too he tried to be funny and make small talk, but I was all about getting rid of the headache.  I may have been a bit cranky at that point, but a few minutes later, AHHH finally, I started to get some relief from this pounding in my head. 

A few minutes later a strange sensation came over me, I could hear all of the colours around me!  Don't be fooled by pastels, you'd think they are all happy and bright, but they are just pretending!  The pastels have a dark side they are the evil genius's of the colour palette and are trying to take over the world one wall at a time!  Damn these are good meds.  At one point I went deaf and could see words coming out of peoples mouths like word balloons,  it was way cool.  I got discharged shortly after my conversation with yellow and went home to bed.  I love my bed, although I will trade it in
for a Sleep Number bed any day.  One day, one day I will live! One day I will experience the bliss of my very own bedgasm in a Sleep Number Bed!

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