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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bucket List

I didn't realize I had my very own Bucket List until I read a forum from one of my chub club groups.  One of the girls had asked if anyone had a Food Bucket List or a Last Supper if you will,  and I realized that I totally did and as my possibility of surgery is getting closer I keep checking things off the list.  In November we went away to Minneapolis and I made sure we ate at an Olive Garden, I wanted to eat a poutine before I go on the liquid diet, and now our date last night.  Looking back I feel like a hungry, hungry hippo!

I thought I would hear today when my surgery would be, I'm losing patience, It feels like a lifetime away and yet it's so close, just a few weeks away.   I am going to see Anna at the office tomorrow and see if she can give me any indication of when I can start that fantastic sounding Optifast.