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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The BEST day ever.........yawn

OMG, so it's Super Bowl Sunday and I am so fricken excited!  Oh wait, I don't give a shit about football! Even if it includes nachos, chicken wings, mini burgers and whatever tailgating is, still not interested. *yawn*   But on the bright side,  Yeah! FOOTBALL is over for another season!  It won't be until August that I have to start worrying about my Fantasy team,(ummm, I totally don't have a fantasy team btw, I was just fucking with you) and then  in September it all starts again. :(

I did get to spend the evening making my favorite sister in law laugh at funny pictures AND I got to see my super cute nephew.  I am so pretty, he can't look directly at me. True story!  I love that kid.   

I sometimes lack in the parenting skills department, and having boys makes hygiene a bit of a struggle for our house.  We often hear "but I just had a bath a few days ago, why do I have to have another one ?" or "I don't smell THAT bad, yet", so tonight I totally bribed them by making/asking them to take a bath with their cousin.  Totally made I sound like a splash fest and way more awesome then just getting clean.  Ha ha!  See, taking joy in their upset, is sometimes all a mother can hold on to at the end of the day.