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Friday, February 18, 2011

If a tree falls........

If a tree falls in your back yard in the middle of the night at  ?o'clock in the morning, during a wind storm, in the middle of winter, does it make a sound?  Ummm no I didn't hear shit all I heard was my kid snoring beside me! 

I did however wake up in a panic at 5am wondering what the frick is going on?  Why is it so dark in here,  did my pillow knock out the alarm clock cord AGAIN, oh crap what time is it am I late for work, it's cold, son of a nutcracker its 62 degrees, why is it so fricken dark in here?  Do you think I could fall back to sleep again after that? Hells no!  I had a possum in my bed, it was cold and I'm afraid of being late for work.  And snakes I am really afraid of snakes too.

When I called "the people" about fixing my power, the on call dude was like " well I haven't had any other calls from your area, so the earliest I can get someone there is like 830" (this was when I woke up at 5am!)  Really, well I guess  that's that!  This was also before I knew that it was only our house that was affected.   So, I had myself a lovely lukewarm shower romantically lit by flashlight.  Good thing, it doesn't take much to make this girl look fabulous and the fact that I wear scrubs to work makes life extra easy.  Good thing I made my lunch the night before, otherwise it would have been cafeteria food day, gross.

 I was all ready for work and some stranger was making their way up to my door.  "Did you know that your tree fell down and knocked out a wire?"  This is totally new information!  I had no fucking clue!  I wanted to say that, but I was like " oh, thank you!  Sorry about that."  I was now worried about a live wire dangling from my house into the lane way.  Just my luck some dumb kid would lick their fingers and pick it up and then I'd get sued for shish-kabobing someones kid!  I can't afford to buy someone a new kid.

So, I called "the people" again and said that a tree had fallen and that there was a wire and how I was just pretty and didn't know anything about his "special" wires.  I also told him how "lots" of kids use the lane to walk to school.  Truthfully I was just making shit up so he would come and turn my power back on faster.  It worked!  I was at work when the magical moment happened Jer took care of business here at home for me.  I heart him! 

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