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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a bordinary day

Nothing anywhere near awesome happened today.  I didn't meet a Jonas brother today.  I woke up with my plain ordinary shoulders today not fun Lady Gaga Grammy shoulders nor did I get carried around all day in an egg by people wearing latex.  I did not find out what is the "beyond" of Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

I couldn't get my Bumpit to work in my hair today so I had my regular flat hair how boring is that.  My Clapper broke, so I had to actually touch my lamp to turn it on and off today.  Glamor Shots was closed down today after a salmonella outbreak.  The feather boa's were tainted with the disease,  so this will not be the most glamours day of my life at least in pictures.  I have had glamorous moments in my life, I mean hello, have you seen me, I'm a little bit of fantastic in a big sexy package. 

I was so bored I started reading warning labels.  Learned a few things, pepper spray.......Caution: Never aim spray at own eyes, Hmmm good to know.  Heinz ketchup.......Instructions: Put on food.  Bar of Dial soap......use like regular soap. 

Justin Beiber's movie was sold out in 3D, so I totally didn't want to go because who wants to see the Beib's if not in 3D?

This was totally a joke btw I have no cougar crush on the Beiber, I don't even know how many brothers the Jonas have, I think Gaga has to be schizophrenic and I got the warning labels from 

ps. I do have a cougar crush on that wolf boy from Twilight (after his haircut), sorry Jerry Bear.

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