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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet the Doctors

I love my little Italian  Princess Anna.  When she wants something she get I was at work, after texting, calling me at home, and on my cell, she finally tracked me down at work due to her stalktastic skills..  She had some kick ass news for me......I have a teleconference appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday!  I did the ugly cry right at my desk, I didn't care I had the snot running out of my nose, mascara turds running down my face.  OMG in just a few days I will know when my surgery is!!!! FINALLY! 

Well Anna called me back about an hour later to burst my bubble.   The surgeon cannot do a teleconference on Tuesday, well actually the TBRHSC only has one machine that does the Telemedicine thingy and it was already booked.  Now it will be a week, maybe, possibly the next week.  Grrrrrrrr!

Now that I AM so close I feel like I need to like study and shit.  In Canada we don't do SAT's, but we do, do mid-terms and finals and those fuckers are hard!  I feel like that the surgeon is going to have a bunch of hard questions for me and if I don't know the answers then he will fail me for surgery.  I am going to have to do some studying.  OMG did you know that there is an actual book Weight loss Surgery for Dummies.......that's me!  I'm a dummy, I need that book!

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