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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All about Katie

I mentioned a few posts ago how I have a Life Skills counsellor on account of the douche bag that abused me, well her name is Katie and she secretly wishes we were sisters.  It's because I am so super fabulous.  Today I went to one of the groups that Katie runs for people like me, being high maintenance I can't know ALL of the things, so I don't exactly  know what her group is actually called is that so wrong?  It has something to do with board games, crafts and cards.  They are really competitive with the Scrabble at this group.  Katie totally missed my awesomeness (I missed her too, sorta), we giggled the whole time about her upcoming trip to Japan (inside joke).  We even learned some of the local lingo, perfect for any traveler.  Once her bags are called for she will be one ready lady.

Katie is one of those "I am so NOT, high maintenance", kind of girls that lets you know she is a VERY high maintenance individual .  Probably even more than myself.  She is supposed to like inspire me to work out, get me moving, stuff like that.  One of our first appointments, was an outdoor walk in the fall Katie showed up in stiletto heels, a dress and super awesome shades.  But no, she is not high maintenance at all. 

I found out that I am wicked awesome at the craft of rock painting.  Like for a garden decoration.  I do not have a green thumb though, sadly I end up killing all the vegetation in my yard.  I painted a kick as rock turtle just before Christmas.  It is currently on my kitchen counter awaiting the spring, as am I.  Have I mentioned how DONE I am with winter?  Sorry I yet again managed to get off topic, any who...... I started a new turtle today.  I just know it will be awesome just like the first.

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