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Monday, February 14, 2011

Attacked by a spider monkey

I'm gonna back track a bit, and complain a bit too, sorry.  I got home from work at midnight (Saturday night) hoping for an uneventful night since my Jerry Bear was off to work shorty after I got home.   I had a snack and did a face plant on my bed.   I had just drifted off into a coma when......  "MOMMY!, MOOOOOOMMMMYYY!, oh are you awake? I had a bad dream I can't sleep by myself."  Fantastic! now I get to sleep with a fricken spider monkey all night.  He flips and he flops and he snores just as loud as his dad. 

My Jerry Bear let me sleep in until I was supposed to take the boys out today.  We have another busy day ahead of us (a play date with my nephew, swimming, lunch) and I have to go in for a midnight shift.  The craptastrophe that is my sleep schedule is going to be the end of me.  And Damn Right he was going to let me sleep in!, especially since he sang his snore song to me all night the night before.  I LOVE HIM so much more on days like this!!  I hope my Jerry Bear has something nice planned for Valentine's Day.  I'm sure Jeremy is hoping for a sexathon, St. Valentine may have to wait a day or 2 until I get through my next few shifts. 

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