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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just keep swimming...........

So I totally went swimming on Monday.  I could not find the bottoms to my swimdress, it was suggested by my surgery friends that I hang with that I go bottomless so I had to buy an new one on my way to the pool.  Ummmm it's the winter months and it's cold so I prefer to walk around with a fur coat on my Netherlands, so it's not a pretty picture either way.

The water was a bit chilly for me, I am sure my nerps were pointing in every which way.  I went with Kathleen, one of my surgery chicks.  We had fun talking while we did laps.  We used the flutter boards for a few laps, then the arm paddles.

My arms were sore, my abs were sore even my butt cheeks were sore after that workout. I was feeling a bit sick that day, I had a fever and a sore throat. YUCK.  I did make plans to go again on Wednesday.

So, Wednesday here and I am soooooo not into the workout at all!  I felt like a brick moving through molasses the entire time.  Kathleen was all gung ho, and had a great workout, I bet she was the teacher's pet too!  She put me to shame. 

I saw one of the guys from work with his family, so I went over to the kiddie pool and he let me hold his baby..... I love babies, she cried, she was one of those, you can look at me but don't touch me kind of babies.  Clearly she is going to be high maintenance, takes one to know one.