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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Angry Bladder and a Top Notch Ticker!

October 2010

Vivian and I go way back.  She looked after me when my GP was on maternity leave.  She is an amazing woman and we can laugh together.  She totally "gets me" after we catch up she does a head to toe exam, my BP was high.  It's funny how I get white coat syndrome when I work in an ER and I know Viv.  We talk about my medical history a bit and she asks me about uti's I say well I get you know like 3 to 4 a year thinking I am totally normal like every other woman who has given birth frequency is an issue and so are uti's.  Well don't I get the " do you go the bathroom after having sex" speech! Um ya Viv, I totally do btw!  She suggests that I start taking a high dose of vitamin C to piss off my bladder and stop the infection cycle.  Sounds fun!

The next step is blood work and an ECG.  Ya, so since I work at the hospital and Viv wants the blood work done AT the hospital, confidentiality is an issue for me.  ( I haven't told my dad, so I don't want some randoms at work knowing before important family members)  Also taking my top off for an ECG in front of Mattie or the cute boy that just started doesn't seem like a good time.  I am sure they would like to see my kittens because even though they are not quite the same size, the are still fantastic.  I REALLY  want one of the girl techs to be working today.  Oh great creepy ponytail dude is on instead perfect! 

What do you know I have a top notch ticker, did I just say top notch ticker am I a 73 year old man in a hat!

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