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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I needs me a tall drink of water

November 2010

Fasting blood work should be an easy enough task, even for me the fat chick, but as a shift worker and a breakfast hater, I struggled.  So, I totally didn't eat breakfast, went to work for a 1530-2330 shift and my one and only break was at 1645 (4:45), so my 12 hour fast turned into a 16 hour fast on one craptastic cafeteria meal.  I usually need to wind down after an ER shift which usually entails me watching TV and grazing for a few hours.  Thank God I didn't have to go to the MDS lab with all the cranky elderly people and wait for hours and hours. 

It's the next day, I gagged after brushing my teeth, thank you fasting blood work, you're my favorite today.  I feel like my stomach is eating itself because I am sooooo hungry.  I drag myself into the lab office and show them my slip.  I noticed that Vivian had ticked off quite a few boxes on the outpatient lab slip that I held in my hand.  When the girl (ok, so I've worked in the ER for 11 years and I can't know every ones name) I DO know that she is John's GF. Anyway off topic she came at me with 22 vials and I was like wtf dude!  What are they testing for, for this surgery!  I wasn't scared of having the blood taken or anything, I was just like dude that's a lot of tests.  She told me I better go have some water "right away", I thought she was being a bit dramatic, but I did it anyway.

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