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Friday, January 21, 2011


 November 2010

After my enlightening visit with Dr. Young, it is now time to see Kelly, we have some small talk about our boys, she asked me if it gets any easier, I laughed.  Ummm, no it does not get any easier, boys are tough, especially when the think you're not cool ( I totally am btw), and they think they know everything at age 8!  Sorry off topic again.  Kelly was happy that I drank her crappy chalk drink every day for a month, but because of my blood work she wants me to start taking calcium.  She said I was at risk for that old lady disease, I stopped listening because I saw something shiny outside, I may have the ADHD( I haven't decided yet if its that or I just get bored easily).  Kelly puts me on the scale, I stayed the same!  I was doing a steady climb for months so this is a great progress, a great feeling. 

My appointment with Viv was a few minutes later.  This woman is on her own special kind of crack because she is always full of energy and full of smiles.  We head into her office and she tells me that ALL of my blood work is fine.  I was like really ALL 22 vials of blood work are awesome.  She measures the girth of my belly and I laugh at the fact that she rested her sweet little head on my boobs while she reached around me. 

" So whats the next step?"  Viv tells me that I need to have an ultrasound to check how much chub is between my belly and my organs.  Doesn't that sound like fun.  If the ultrasound is A-ok, she will send a direct referral to the local surgeon for an endoscopy.  The last two steps!  HOLY SHIT! 

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