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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cherry on my Sundae

October 2010

Met with Dr. Young today, he is a bit of an acquired taste to say the least.  He was very dry, very shrinkie and made me feel a little bit bad about myself.  It wasn't really what he said but rather the way he said it with his all mighty God like essence oozing from his 6ft 180 pound frame.  He didn't believe that an obese woman could be active, eat a healthy diet and still be obese.  I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens and my weight climbed up since then, especially after having my boys plus I am insulin resistant AND the cherry on the sundae is that I also have Metabolic Syndrome.  I  had to take this ridiculously long questionnaire that asked the same questions over and over again but in different ways.  I guess if you answer the question yes one time and no another,  you have a split personality or wait does that make you bipolar?

So I take his advice with a smile on my face and leave his office with a smile on my face dreading the fact that he is going to call me AT HOME for a "follow up" on my progress.  Great, I can't wait for that phone call. 

PCOS stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome for more information check out this link - info about metabolic syndrome

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