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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wing Man

December 2010

My ultrasound got booked pretty fast I was quite surprised.  My Jerry Bear went with me on account of my high maintenanceness even though he couldn't come in the room with me it was nice to have a wing man even though he was in the waiting room.  The lady called me into the room it was cold, my nerps were on high alert they could have cut glass.  I totally kept my fuchsia bra on in protest to the "take everything off from the waist up" rule.   The lady didn't seem to mind the bra and it totally did not get in the way.  She kept making me hold my breath for like a really long time and I had a bit of a cold so I kept coughing.  I think it annoyed her a bit.   Whatev's. 

It took about a week for Viv to get the results and she said I was cleared for Endo! Yahoo!  The last step and its just the beginning of December.  I can't believe that I am so close, so close to a new healthy life.  Christmas is just around the corner what would be a more amazing present than getting a camera shoved down my throat!

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