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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orientation Day!

September 2010 

It's raining cats and dogs outside and I can't be more excited and nervous.  I can't find a fricken parking spot damnit, I don't want to be late, I've waited long enough.

So there are about us 30 chubbo's, crammed into a small room, at least they have over sized chairs for us.  I can finally sit in a chair with arms and I still have room WTF ever cool.  I only recognize one dude, he was in emerg a few weeks ago ( I am a ward secretary) when his kid was sick or broken, I can't remember.  He was funny and a friend of Brad's one of the funniest doc's I work with.  Sorry off topic, so I'm sitting in my huge chair listening to the presenters and my pants are tight.  The presenters are talking about the surgery, the risks, the out of pocket costs for vitamins and $400 for Optifast a prescription liquid diet.  Just the name lets me know its going to be delicious.  ( that was sarcasm btw).  We are all told that if we are going continue we need to take a package and fill it out asap.

Of course I decide to move on and I totally filled out the package as soon as I got home.  I called Anna the next morning to book the next set of appointments.  I will see Kelly, the dietitian  and Vivian, the nurse practitioner in back to back appointments in October then  A week later I will see Dr. Young the psychiatrist.  Why does it take a fricken month to get in to see everyone.  Grrrrrrr!  I want this so bad I'll even do it over the Christmas holidays.  So I work on  quitting my diet pepsi and coffee addictions in the mean time.  I have to do it for the surgery anyway, so I might as well get a head start.

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