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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Went to a party today, it was one of those fun kid birthday party deals where the boys get to scream their heads off for hours.   Of course there was a delicious smelling pizza there and I wanted it so bad.  It was really hard not to eat it Jer even suggested that I chew it and spit it out, ummm its pizza it isn't a BJ you don't spit pizza.  I wish I could eat something real again.  I totally miss chewing.  I haven't chewed anything in over a month.  This is getting depressing. 

I know that it won't be too much longer until I am in Phase 4 which is pureed foods.  That's just code for baby food by the way.  I didn't realize that having this surgery was going to be such a rebirth.  I have always thought of the surgery as a new beginning,  a new chance at life, but not like this.  Going from basically being on "formula" with protein powder to "baby food" with pureed foods.  I have even asked my Jerry Bear to pat my back when I have gas pains I guess my pouch is in its infancy and has some growing up to do.

Thank goodness for my favorite website I have found so many recipes to make my life a little tastier.  I would not have made a month on liquids without eggface.

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