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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A New Day Has Come!

April 15, 2011 was the day of my Gastric Bypass surgery in Hamilton, Ontario.  I must back track a day to the pre-op appointment.  This was our first time in the St. Joseph's Hospital and boy did it leave its mark.  They had actual nun's working the information desk and our first elevator was held together with duct tape! And I thought I worked at a crappy hospital.

 So I woke up from my surgery in a great deal of pain.  Little did I know at that time I was in for a rough ride.  I got to my room at about 12pm and kept asking for my Jerry Bear, he was down stairs and didn't have a clue where I was.  He finally showed up at like 230 I totally cried 'cause I was so happy to see him.  I got up to the potty and it was not fun I started to bleed from 2 of my incision sites.  I was a little scared, especially when it happened every time I  moved.  Not a sexy look having blood on your gown while you are walking around the halls.  I had a surgery buddy who had hers done right after me, she was like the star patient, had minimal pain, farted right away and was discharged the next afternoon.  I secretly hate her.

Me on the other hand was kept in for 3 days.  No matter how much I walked and walked or rocked and rocked on the potty I could not squeeze out a fart.  My belly got so big and so painful that I couldn't even take a sip of water because it added that much more pressure to my body.  On the 2nd night "it" happened, I finally had some fog horn farts and was feeling much better.  I begged to go "home" (to the hotel) and because I had a stupid little low grade fever they were thinking of keeping me for another night.  After convincing the doctors that I am capable of knowing when I am unwell and would come back if I needed to. 

(April 18th)
Me and Jer headed to the hotel and I rested.  Debbie and Scott were on their way to Hamilton for her surgery.  We met up with them after supper, they were staying at the same hotel as us, so we visited most of the evening.  I showed off my belly, the boys got to know each other and Deb asked me a bunch of questions because her surgery was in 2 days.  Deb and Scott were so nice they let us stay in their room the next day because our flight was leaving at 9pm and we had to check out by 11am.  We spent the day sending the boys off to Tim Hortons for us and finally at 5pm it was time to head off to the Toronto Airport.

Our taxi ride into Toronto was horrible for me all the bumps on the highway stirred up some wicked gas pains.  We hit some grid lock as we got closer to the city I just wanted out of that taxi van!

So we get to the airport and I am in such agony, standing in line to check in was not fun, people were looking at me and I didn't care.  When you're in a wheelchair at the airport people treat you different.  We were able to go to a special security gate they were not pleased with the fact that I had medications with me and I wanted to walk through the metal detector, but the decided to pat me down instead!  I lifted up my shirt to show them where I was sore so they would avoid it, but they didn't.  The security guard asked me if I wanted to go into one of the private rooms to be examined.......ummmm I've seen a lot of movies where the strip search doesn't work out so well for people.  And being in so much pain from gas I really was not in the mood for a rectal exam. 

We got to ride one of those golf cart things to our gate, it was fun the Asian dude kept dinging his little bell to get people to move out of the way.  It sounded like it belonged on a tricycle not a big airportmobile.  Once we got to the gate Jer got some food and then all of a sudden there was an old man sitting in front of us with a ginormous cat in his lap, I get a dog but a cat?  I was a bit confused.

Finally  9pm arrived and we were on our way home.  I totally took advantage of the elderly people, people with children get on board first business.  We got home at 1130 I am so glad that part is all over!

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Amy said...

glad you are home and hope you are starting to feel a bit better! Each day will get a little better...promise!