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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Girl Date!

Day 5, started out as a suck fest.  I work up hungrier than a bear in the spring. (very fitting don't you think)  I had my shake right away, waited a bit then had some soup, and of course I was still starving.  I had planned to have a girlie date with my sister-in-law Andera.  My Jerry Bear was planning a Wrestlemania party, so not something I wanted to do while my internal organs where feeding off themselves.  Being in a room of middle aged men yelling at the TV while a they watch a bunch of half dressed dudes in banana hammocks frolicking around a ring, doesn't sound like a lot of fun. 

Andrea is making another niece or nephew for me, so she often needs to feed the fetus.  I like to joke that she is having triplets and have been told how not funny I am.  The fetus wanted to eat at Moxies, so we went there for snacks before our movie.  They were so nice, they totally strained soup for me to have.  It was the tastiest thing Ive had in a long time.  

I made it through the movie even though Andrea was eating popcorn right beside me, it smelled delicious, while I drank my water and enjoyed the fabulous Mr. Gyllenhaal.  I've totally forgiven him for the whole Brokeback thing, it was time.

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