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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm guilty......

So the other night Kathleen convinced me to come and meet some of her friends.  OMG these chicks were fantastic.  Rosie is 15 months post op, totally amazing and before I had even met her, totally willing to text me off a ledge when I was having one of my bad days.  She was a great help to me that night and it was great to finally meet her in person.  I also met Nichole, a fellow pre-op girl, she was all kinds of fabulous, funny, and full of life.  Nancy was also post op a bit of a newbie if you will, she was 6 months post op.  Nancy and her wife Meighan are 2 beautiful spirits that compliment each other much the same that me and my Jerry Bear do. 

I was grounded by Rosie for some random wrong doings.  OK, ok I'll tell you what happened.  Remember my fumanchu?  Well Rosie isn't happy about the fact that I shave it off daily.  She offered to be my personal waxer and until I except, I am grounded.

We talked about the ins and outs of the surgery, I whined about being on the Opticrap.  I confessed that I cheated on the liquid diet.  The other day I had my broth and I totally found a piece of rice in it and I ate it!  I chewed it up, savoured it, made it last for a lot longer than a grain of rice should.  The girls told me I was funny and that I totally didn't cheat, but why do I feel so guilty?

I have only 2 days left until we go to Hamilton......I am kinda freaked out.  I spent the weekend visiting my nephew and niece and of course their parents.  Jer is going to see a movie with his daddy tomorrow  and on Tuesday we are going to drop off the dog to him.  I am going to miss my baby girl, I gave her a bath today and now she is all ashamed of herself for not smelling like a dog, she's been rubbing herself all over the place trying to get her stink back on, so gross.  I have so much to do to get us ready for this next part of the journey.  I still have some packing to do to get the boys ready for my parents house not to mention packing up Jeremy and myself.  Thank goodness Jeremy is already on holidays so he can help out.

Oh, and we are totally going to turn on the security alarm when we leave, so don't think you can rob us!

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Kathleen said...

I won't tell Rose if you wanna come out and play. hehe I'm so glad that you were able to come out that night. We were very happy to have you there. They are really good people. We get together every Friday night and you are more then welcome to join anytime. Well, not like you didn't already know that.

Hey!! Guess What? I talked to Anna today. She said that there was another mass mailing for the endoscopy's sent out today. Please cross your fingers that I get my letter either Tuesday or Wednesday. If I don't I'll be super upset. It's been three months now since the referral was sent in so I should be getting a letter. :)

p.s. I'm proud of you my friend. (((BIG HUGS)))