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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goal Tending

So I have made some mini goals to keep me motivated and keep me on track.  I told my boys about my goals when I reached my first goal.  It was shortly after I came home from the hospital, I wanted to be under a certain weight and I did it!

My boys are my biggest supporters.  Every time I have a loss they are super supportive I get a woooo whooo and big smiles.  I let my oldest son set my second goal for me, he thought 40 pounds would be a great goal for me.  It was almost 20 pounds away from my first goal.  I have been constipated and have had a few days of no loss can get a little depressing.  I miss not being able to poop more than not being able to eat solid foods.

I am going to start making my goals a little smaller AND I also need some rewards don't you think?

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