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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The skinny

I am what you would call working poor, so I shop at The Walmart.  I don't need brand name clothes and neither do my kids they can be dorks, I'm cool with it.  I was a dork in school, I turned out ok-ish, my hubby was a dork too, nerds make the best lovers so it's ok. 

Off topic again, sorry, so I was at Walmart recently and was browsing through the clothes.  I am not really sure why because I have been telling myself that I am not going to buy anymore clothes until after surgery.  I have even purged my wardrobe and have been living like a minimalist.  So I saw that they making skinny jeans for the fat chicks.  Like really, isn't that like an oxymoron or something?  Maybe just a regular moron thought that skinny jeans on a fat chick was a good idea.  Again, the citizens of T.Bay would be facing another camel toe epidemic.

If I were to actually purchase the skinny jeans, to actually own them and to actually wear them I would be living with lie-arrhea!  Every time I squeezed my fat ass into those skinny jeans it would just be a lie. Truthfully skinny jeans made in the double digits are just a bold face lie to us all.

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