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Friday, March 18, 2011


March break madness has left us with little to do, so we went sledding again.  Big mistake on a warmish afternoon, the snow was glistening for a reason, it was water-logged!    I could see that their snow suits looked all shiny and where much darker than when we arrived.  Yup, the boys where soaked to their gotch, they didn't care, they're boys.  Seth once told me that he wanted to live on a island and teach monkeys to massage him.  When I told him monkeys are dirty he said "I'm  just as dirty as the monkeys so it didn't matter, yo!"    My son's inner rapmaster comes out when he's trying to be funny.

So, we get home and I make them both strip out of their drenched clothes right at the door.  Of course Seth had a surprise twosy, so he went straight to the can.  He uses his toilet time as a much needed escape from his younger brother.  On most days I can hear him playing and talking to himself the entire time he's in there.  Dude walks out of the bathroom strutting nothing but his birthday suit, a smile and a bullseye on his ass!  "Ummmm Seth did you wipe? Like even a little bit, 'cause you've got poop stuck to your butt!"  "Ahhhh Mom, why do I have to be perfect at butt wiping?  Why can't I just put pants on, geez yo!"  "Yo, Dude, go wipe again!"  My pissed off boy comes out for the second time with his little weenis flipping while he storms off to his room.  Are boys really easier than girls 'cause someday I really don't think so!? 

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