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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Retail Therapy

My crapmobile broke and not just a "Honey there's a light on" or "the car has that funny smell again" it was bad, I can't steer anymore bad.  Its making a grinding noise and its not that screaming noise that the locks make every time we open the door.

How do you choose a garage to take your car, At Speedy "you're a somebody", or do you go Midas and "trust the Midas touch"  am I getting my car fixed or molested? or there's always "Uh-oh better get Maaco"!   

So I am at the garage and the garagetender had a husky voice and smelled like cigarettes and he looked liked he belonged at a Nascar race, all he was missing was one of those beer hats.  Garagetender said he would put his best guy on it and a few minutes later this guy wearing a lab coat runs out to my loser cruiser.  He must be important if he has a lab coat on right?  So the car doctor guy comes out and says that it's gonna cost me a lot of money to fix the car and do I want to fix it?  Yes, yes I would like my car fixed, it isn't a microwave that I can just throw out and buy a new one at Walmart.  I'm sitting in the waiting room watching the car doctor guy work on my car like a TV show, it smells really bad in there like burned coffee, dirt and B.O. it's funny how all garages have that same smell.

Usually a little retail therapy makes me feel better, but I've spent all this money and you'd think, you'd think my van would be shinier, or have something pink added to it, or even be bedazzled but no, nope its just my same old regular van.   I love shopping even if its just for groceries, when you find something new and you get that can't wait to try it feeling.  AWESOME!

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