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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monsters in the closet.

So my son had a bad dream again, this time it was a monster trying to eat him.  So what does that mean, another sleepless night for Mama Bear.  I don't know what this monster was thinking because Brady is not good eating, he has hardly got any meat on his bones at all.   He is very bony, not great for cuddling, especially when he decides to dig an elbow into your ribs.  It really creeps me out to see him when he bends over, you can see every vertebrae in his back, so gross!

One time Brady was up in his bed and he started screaming at the top of his lungs "Bees, bees, bees!"  Jeremy and I looked at each other and were like did he just say bees?  Jer ran upstairs to calm him down he was hyperventilating, had snot coming out of his nose, it was the real deal he was scared.  "Daddy there are bees on the ceiling",  "Brady, I don't see any bees, maybe it was just a house fly?"  "*sniff* well how come I saw YELLOW and BLACK!"  One just can't argue with that logic he saw yellow AND black, it must have been a bee.

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