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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dude, where's my car?

Why is it when you are "the Mommy" that you automatically are supposed to know where ALL of the things are.  I don't play the DS, how the crap do I know where it is, nor do I know where you put the games.  And kudos to the Nintendo effers for making said games the size of Wheat Thins cracker and just as flimsy.  I also love when I get "hey mommy remember that toy that I had in my hand last week, ya I'm gonna need that?"  and when I ask what toy and they look at me like I'm the crazy one.

How does a boy lose a prize possession like his blankie?  Seth is on Blankie number 2 it is just shreds of fabric knotted together he has had surgery many times in his 9 years.  Brady is on Blankie number 3 original Blankie was a white fabric with blue Winnie the Pooh drawings on it, he lost 2 of those and we could never find the fabric again, he now has one with ducks made its flannel and has held up pretty good for the past few years. 

Our house should be known as the land of the lost you can put something down and then 2 minutes later its GONE!  Could it be because one of my kid tornadoes just ran through the room, or does my house actually have a black hole?   

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