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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cast Away

I am sitting here boo hoo crying because Tom Hanks just lost his best friend Wilson the ball.  Even the big whale knew how important Wilson was.  4 years on that island and all the man wanted was to come home to the love of his life and what does she do?  She marries Big from Sex and the City what a kick in the nuts!  I mean really, dude survives a plane crash, 4 years on an island, then going across the ocean on a raft and you couldn't wait for him even though, you "knew he was still alive".  I would have waited at least 10 years for my Jerry Bear if I thought he was still alive.  You are such a bitch Kelly/Helen Hunt, I mean what does someone have to do to get your attention. 

I know my Jerry Bear would have made it across an ocean to come back to me.  I fricken broke my heart when he dropped the oars it was like he was giving up.  And then when the whale saved him ahhh I just loved that part, it made is seem like the whale was with him the whole time. 

Movies are awesome!  I hope that me and Jer get to go to a movie this weekend because my appointment to meet the surgeon is on MONDAY!!!!  I really hope he tells me to start the liquid diet and see him in 2 weeks!

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