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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just try and shut me up!

Now that I am back, just try to shut me up........  Its amazing how good you feel when that one little thing in your life starts to change.  I feel wicked awesome about the changes I am making inside and out, but I am still feel like I am swimming with water wings on in a pool of syrup.  I am taking things one day at a time and even though I am behind schedule weight loss wise according to my dietitian.  Ummmm, I don't really exactly WTF they expect from me, but she was all, like using her calculator and stuff.  I had a plateau AGAIN, so I know that I am not going to measure up at my next appointment, but whatev's.  I have always been a rule breaker.

So, even though I am doing wicked awesome, I still need my support system.  I had an appointment with Katie, you might remember her from my previous post........ (  A friend from our Wednesday community game group was just leaving, he will remain nameless as I am now going to make fun of him, as I did that day in front of the elevator.  So Katie, who is normally an eyes up kinda girl, or so I though...... noticed that under my pretty springy dress I had a camisole that was slightly exposed (you know where) our friend is soooooooo NOT an eyes up kind of guy.  Every time at group he sneaks a peek at the fraternals.  Now that I have lost 57 pounds my boobs (the fraternals) are getting smaller than before.  I can't wait for plastic surgery to even them out and put them back where they belong.

Of course Katie and I got way off topic during my appointment, we talked about her new beau, about how he is prettier than her, about how wicked awesome I am, stuff like that.  Katie told me about all her fun new programs that were available for several reasons, one she wants me to be a healthier person, 2 because she wishes I was her sisters and wants to hang out with me more, and 3 because it was the essence of our appointment. 

We got so far off topic that Katie had to call me back the next day to do some kind of test that she forgot to make me write.  The test wasn't really a big deal it was just to see what level of crazy I currently am.  Somehow I passed with flying colours.  I think it was all a part of her plan to hang out with me more.  She is such an evil genius.

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Meighan said...

I totally agree!! Kaitlyn is completely and utterly the evilest genius of our time. lol